Bio: Tezlyn Figaro specializes in public relations, communications & political strategy in national, regional & local print, television and radio platforms. Tezlyn joined the national executive staff of Bernie 2016 as the National Racial Justice Director within the National African American Outreach department. During her tenure with Bernie 2016 her highlights include being solely responsible to organize Flint, Michigan Water Crisis survivors for a private meeting with Senator Bernie Sanders. In turn, the survivor meeting contributed to radio and television ads, campaign speeches & ultimately impacted the overall Michigan outreach strategy which in turn resulted in a historic political upset. Tezlyn also traveled to various States on behalf of Bernie 2016 such as New York, Iowa, Georgia, Oklahoma, Ohio, Washington D.C. ,Texas & organized a community social justice panel within three days with celebrity actress Rosario Dawson and Ohio Senator Nina Turner in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Her contribution to Bernie 2016 was featured in various national news outlets such as The Washington Post, Daily Ko's, Refinery 29 and Breitbart in addition to various State & local news entities. As Principal of Tezlyn Figaro Communications Group Tezlyn’s high profile client list includes but is not limited to serving as a media communications consultant for famed Trayvon Martin & Micheal Brown Attorney Benjamin Crump which resulted in high cases such as the OKC Officer Holtzclaw rape case seen on ABC 20/20 & Crime Watch Daily & the Monroe Bird Case which was featured in the New York Times and Crime Watch Daily. Tezlyn is also the Director of Communications for Senator Bernie Sanders most visible surrogate Ohio State Senator Nina Turner. In addition to making history with her national profile client's Tezlyn offers an impressive undefeated political campaign resume working on several national, state and local elected officials. For more information http://www.tezlynfigaro.com

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